Billing Tables

Billing tables are advanced versions of tables, intended to help users get an overview of their plan and billing details.


Base Plan

Pro 100K

100,000 emails/mo

$67.96 15% bundle discount

Your account will be downgraded to Essentials 40K on 7/1/2019.

Additional Charges

8,471 additional emails (108,471 sent this month)

$0.00085 each


5,432 billable contacts (7,432 total contacts)

2,000 contacts free, then $10/mo per 10,000 contacts


1 additional dedicated IP address (2 total dedicated IPs)

1 IP free, then $30/mo each


No additional Email Activity History What is this?

3 days of history free, $30/mo for 30 days of history


Estimate for June $127.15*

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Failed April 30, 2018 Mastercard ending in 0163 $93.43

This payment failed to process. Please review your payment method, then retry.

Paid March 31, 2018 Mastercard ending in 0163 $93.43
Paid February 28, 2018 Mastercard ending in 0163 $93.43
Paid January 31, 2018 Mastercard ending in 0163 $93.43
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Payment Method

Mastercard ending in 0163 Expires 12/2018

Billing Address

Jane Appleseed

1234 Cheshire Ct

Denver, CO


Invoice Address

Johnny Karate

4321 Cheshire Way

Denver, CO


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